Thursday, January 29, 2015

Foreshadows and Backlash

Shemo: Look, you can't just leave us hanging from a cliff for a year.
Donut: She's right. We need to finish this before we die.
Ara: Wait, this is still a thing?
Salem: Wait, Ara is a still a thing?
Shemo: If you let me kill her then you can take forever to write the next part.
Aethon: He was going to do that anyway.
I don't remember Honey Badger negotiating with terrorists.
Shemo: Just write more, dammit.
Aethon: And proofread it; none of this half-ass stuff.
Donut: And add hot chicks.
Salem: Well described hot chicks.
Yeah yeah yeah, none of the usual warning this time as this is just a teaser.


       The abyss swallowed Rani without warning. The darkness was infinite, engulfing beyond comprehension. The silence of the voice echoed through the ethereal vacuum. It was absolute emptiness, a vast ocean of nothing.

        And then, there was awareness. His sense of presence gradually formed, the feeling of weightlessness in the maw. He was floating, drifting through the nothingness without direction.

       For a brief moment, the most fleeting of flickering instances, Rani considered the possibility that he was dead - again. The dismissal was one borne of reflex; a dead person can't wonder if he might be dead. There was no awareness in death nor was there pondering or anything even vaguely resembling existence outside the threshold of life.  Rani knew there was no other side, no light in the darkness. He had seen the proverbial Game Over screen before, and this was not it. This was something, and death was nothing.

      Unless the extra life he had been given had changed the rules of the game, then Rani was fairly sure that he was at least partially alive, although he couldn't discount the idea that he might be mostly dead. She had warned him that the extra token came with strings attached. There were rules even necromancers had to follow, and a price to be paid for every life bartered.

     "You're not dead, yet. Before you face your demon, your allies must face their's." The voice was only a soft whisper, a muted tone, but it shattered the silence with powerful reverberations.

     "Watch, and rest. Your trial will come soon."

      Rani was unable to respond; his body didn't respond to his mental commands. He struggled to lash out, to shout or move. Instead he continued to drift through the pitch chasm. Whatever game this newcomer wanted to play, for the voice in the darkness was not that of his murderer's, he had no choice but to entertain the charade until he gained some sense of control over himself.  

Shemo: What...
Aethon: Hm? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.
Sabine:This makes me glad I never was paying attention.
Shemo: That took, like, two seconds to read. You spent more time on our comments.
That's what makes it a teaser.
Salem: It's a fecking tease alright, and where the hell are my chapters? I don't even remember what's happening to me?
Isn't that the basis for your character?
Salem: At least tell me that someone is going to kill the crimson harlot soon.
I guess you guys will have to stay tuned to find out.