Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Entering and Breaking

To hell with the lot of you. You can’t rush art.
Arali: And your excuse is…?
Pipe the fuck down.
Donut: PtFD
Wait, you’re agreeing with me?

Donut: Hell no, I just like saying PtFD, so PtFD and write.
I will kill you.
Donut: Shutting up now.
Shemo: Is this going to happen before Christmas?
Aethon: That’s what he said?
You know these ‘That’s what’ jokes are getting old quick.
Sky: So stop writing them.
Malina: Yeah, what kind of writer lets his characters abuse him?
Well only one of them is technically mine, so –
Arali: Excuses; bored now.
Salem:  I demand satisfaction. And by satisfaction I mean booze.
Arali: Ahem, and wenches.
Salem: Those I can provide on my own, bloody ragtop.
Ugh, all of you are my enemies for life until I forget. Just shut up and read the frickin’ bi-annual update already.
Malina: What crawled up his ass? So touchy.
Aethon: Who knows, I’ll just get this going while he adjusts the stick.
            The silence was a gift.

            It wasn’t that Aethon didn’t enjoy the company of his fellow geeks, except for Arali – it definitely was that he didn’t enjoy her company, but being around them demanded more headspace than he was willing to sacrifice for the cause. He thrived on the introspective, the comforting lull of the eternal whirling of his gears. It gave him time to rewind, to recharge his batteries and replenish his energy reserves. The social program required constant output, and it was taxing to operate continuously. It was bad enough before the world lost its magic, but the isolation was essential for his continued functioning in this cold coded world.

            Of course, Rani hadn’t exactly given the gift of silence in its entirety when he sent Aethon on the information gathering mission. Rani may have set the scene, but it was Aethon who tweaked the software to tune out the mental transmissions. E.T could phone home all he wanted; no one was going to answer. It was just Aethon and his revolver, a six-shooter he chose for the reassurance of its hefty weight and simple function. It was loud and efficient; Aethon had no need for the increased margin of error that came with the additional moving parts of more modern weaponry. He didn’t need sliding clips or laser sight; all he needed was a basic point and shoot execution to extract the required files. Six shots were a half-dozen too many if the plan compiled correctly. If not, then it was six chances to debug or escape before total system shut down.

            “If I were Rani: I would leap in through the window in a manner as loud and conspicuous as I can manage. I would then draw more attention to myself with dramatic dialogue and waste ammunition and energy in exchanging taunts and fire with security. This would ultimately result in a climatic death match for the information that would see me victorious despite a grievous yet non-crippling injury . At some point Arali and/or Malina would be require me to save them and fall in love with me in the process. Then any logical fallacies with the aforementioned scenario would remain unaddressed as we transitioned into the implied sex scene and my injury would never again be referenced. We’ll call that approach ‘Deus Ex Rania’. We’ll call my approach ‘Superior’.”

            Aethon’s gloved fingers moved deftly across the tablet on his palm as he entertained the motions of the prerequisite soliloquy required for the Rani-bashing element of his eccentric devices.  The sequence activated in tandem with his conclusion to the pseudo narration, granting him entry in the compound’s security system. From there it was a simple manipulation of the remote access to unlock the entrance closest to where he knew the object resided. Just like that, he was in.
            “And that, kids, is how we turn a mountain into a mole hill.” Muttered the agent as he cockily strode the corridors of the facility with what can only be described as an arrogant swagger. A swagger that was clumsily converted into a stumble with the tell-tale whirring that offered a warning lasting less than nano-seconds before the steel portals slammed shut around him and began to glow red hot.

            The firewall had been activated, he was locked in.


Arali: Another cliff-hanger, what a shock.

Aethon: I see what you did there.

Arali: Huh?

I don't think she sees what she did there. 

Aethon: Apparently not. Still, I just want to point out that I see what he did there with the computer/machine references. I like where I think this is going.

Ara: Oh, that. Yeah, I totally knew he was doing that. Computers and stuff.

Donut: Someone said something about a sex scene?

Suffering and torment: that's what you all have in store.

Malina: You mean worse than reading this?

You wouldn't know anything about that, now would you?

Malina: Which one of us is that insulting, really?

Screw you guys, I'm going to bed.