Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Calm

Rani, Sabine, Sky and Shemo

            “Wally World clones. Gingerator. Gingervitius. Redhead Day. This is nucking futs.” Sabine continued muttering dark nothings under her breath, perfectly at ease conversing with herself as she again fiddled with the neckline of her shirt from the comfort of the passenger seat.

            “It’s out there, even for Rani.” Sky agreed.

            Rani diverted his gaze from the road to treat the rearview to a murderous glare, but Sky was too occupied staring out the window to notice his feinted anger. Or so she seemed to want him to believe, but the smirk struggling to surface betrayed her amusement.

            “Wally World is the ginger of the corporate world; it makes sense that they’d be making clones to power the ginger army.” Shemo observed, likewise watching the blurred scenery when Rani glanced at her reflection.

            “I don’t know if Wally World is behind it, but most of the clone sightings seem to happen there. That’s what we’re going to find out. Aethon, Arali and the drunk are scouting the other leads, so we’re going to need to get in and out as fast as possible in case any of them need back up.” Rani grimaced as spoke, waiting for the inevitable tasteless innuendo. When awkward seconds passed and none came –

            “Okay, now that’s just baiting us. ‘When awkward seconds passed and none came’; are you narrating this story or describing your sex life?” Sabine smiled innocently, and Rani felt her hand on his leg as he made it a point to keep his eyes on the road. The effort of biting back a response was clearly visible to the women, if their soft laughter was any indication.

            “Good boy.” Sabine purred, removing her hand and shifting her seat. Risking a quick glance confirmed Rani’s suspicions; she held a knife. His willpower had paid off in spades, and other things, as it usually did when dealing with the blond bane of his existence.

            It was bullshit. Not only was Rani enjoying the luxury of having a roof to ward against what was looking to be a masterpiece of a shitstorm about to drop on him from the gray heavens, but he was also hogging all the strange. Donut would have been more than happy to give one of them a ride, except for the off-limits Sabine, and he would have even let them be bitch on his bike afterward. But no, the only person getting wet was going to be him if they didn’t win the race against the pissed off sky. If the growling and rumbling was any hint, he was FUBAR with a capital F and a rusty storm colored dildo. God, he hated being in the rain on his bike.

            “Die slow, bastard,” The Spartan muttered to himself as he trailed the car, watching the girls laugh at what was probably one of Rani’s jokes. Any other time Rani would play the wingman, but apparently he was keeping all the super-powered play for himself. Knowing the jackass as he did, Rani probably stuck him with a bunch of ironic and utterly useless powers.

“MILF powers, activate.”  Actually, that one wouldn’t be so bad. He would have to mention the idea to Rani when he had a – “About damn time.”

            Rani was turning into the Wally World parking lot; they were there.

            “Alright ladies and Sab, let’s get this party started.”