Saturday, April 14, 2012

Twiblight part two: Sorry Suckers

The victims here belong to Stephanie Meyer, as does the world they inhabit. These are her toys, I'm just breaking them

            “Why isn’t Pinky with us?” Shemo asked mildly, laying on her back by a stream. Rani, kneeling beside her to wash the blood out of her hair, shot Ara a pacifying glance before answering.

            “She actually likes these guys, and her powers haven’t manifested yet.” Shemo nodded and bit back another question with a fleeting look at Ara.

            “Just ask already, Critter Caller, I’ve only set one person on fire for saying something about our situation.” A smirk punctuated Ara’s words, but it was not an expression of reassurance.

            :Two people.” Rani corrected dryly, running gloved fingers through Shemo’s dark locks idly.

            “That doesn’t count; you like the burn.”

            “Are you two…together?” It was a question dampened by nervousness, but not a single word was lost to the night. Silence reigned for a moment, then two. The quiet darkness grew thicker and more pungent, until Rani toppled the muted air after a brief eternity.

            “We’re partners. Each of us is what the other needs us to be; it’s an adaptive system. She has other lives, as do I.”

            “That’s his cliché way of sayng we’re open. It’d kill Rani-boy to be direct when he can sweeten his words with metaphor and analogy until the flowery prose covers the scent of the bullshit and it sounds like he actually knows what he’s talking about.”

            “We’re not here to further our own story.” Rani interrupted testily. “We’re here to sink our claws into some shiny sanguine suckers.” Ara’s eyes lit up at his words, crimson orbs flashing in the darkness.

            “Claws?” She echoed gleefully. Rani’s eyes shifted to turquoise for an instant as he simply nodded in reply.

            “Send the fuzzies swimming, Shemo. The scent of blood should be strong enough to lure them here.” Shemo sat up with a sigh and shook the water from her hair. Shivering slightly and smiling in mild amusement at the way Rani’s now damp cloak clung to him, she muttered something to the rustling night. A moment later, a series of splashes answered her command.

            “They’re on their way, the others intercepted the wolves. Bella’s bedazzled is the fastest; he’ll be here first.” Rani announced, shrugging off his cloak and casually removing his belt.

            “That fact that you know that makes me wonder how you get girls to stick around while you take that belt off.” Ara commented with a bemused smirk, the crimson glow returning to her gaze as she likewise began to shed her clothing.

            “Uh…I don’t think this is a good time for you to-“ Shemo’s words died in her throat as a blur warped the darkness and collided with Rani in a hissing and cursing tumbling of rapidly moving limbs. Blood erupted from Rani’s skull in a terrible foundation under the pressure of a crazed punch from Edward. Eyes alight with frenzy, the Cullen snarled from atop the  fiction fighter and his hand tightened around Rani’s throat with the grip of a steel mangling vice.

            Pale flesh darkened to green while the youth stared definitely at the vampire. Shemo drew in a panicked breath to summon her minions to her when a second blur drove the air from her in cold mist and a blond figure drove her into a tree trunk. The flaming orb Ara summoned in her palm to aid Rani bought her the warning of precious seconds she needed to evade the vampire leader. Carlisle dropped from the massive bough to find only a fledgling flame struggling to life instead of his target. With feline reflex, he turned in time to see the crimson death that awaited him. Sporting the sapphire and ruby scales of her dragon form, Ara closed her powerful jaws around the doctor’s head and removed it bloodlessly with a vicious twist.

            Edward’s bestial hissing and snarling faded to silent confusion as the monster beneath him suddenly lashed out with a muscular, and armed covered in green scales. The force of the blow collapsed the eternal teen’s sternum and sent him crashing noisily into the stream. Dozens of tiny claws latched onto the master of scowls the instant he vanished beneath the dark depths and he did not rise again.

            The gargoyle rolled to his feet in time to meet the next wave of the attackers. Jasper and Emmett converged on Rani without fear or hesitation. Alice hung back for the slightest of moments, but that was enough for Ara to descend upon her before she could join the fray. Shemo screamed a warning as she stumbled away from the ice entombed fragments of Rosalie. Annoyed with losing the element of surprise, Esme threw herself from her perch on the massive boulder at Shemo.

            “I have ice powers. Yay, I win!” Shemo yelled in sheer delight as she easily avoided the corpse of Esme. Ignoring the carnage taking place around her, the youth drew the dagger from her boot and removed the frozen heart of the Cullen matron. She turned, trophy in the air, in time to see Ara rip Alice in half and consume the upper body of the pseudo prophet. Rani drove the edge tip of his right wing into Emmett’s forehead, impaling it before slamming the undead fiend into the boulder Esme had sprang from. The impact reduced the offending skull to a pale pulp and Rani slung the perma-dead at the last of the Cullen family. Jasper avoided the flung body, but not the flaming bout Ara spat in tandem with her partner. Stunned by the severe burns, the blackened youth halted just long enough to be caught in a tug of war as a gargoyle tail wrapped around his throat at the same time the serpentine length of a dragon’s tail snared his torso. After a brief struggle, the head wrenched free and Ara consumed the charred corpse before Rani could growl an objection.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Twiblight - the prologue

            I had so much fun with the last update that I thought I’d make it a series. This one takes place in the Twilight universe, after the events of book two. The victims here belong to Stephanie Meyer, as does the world they inhabit. And that’s all the explanation you get; we’re jumping straight into this.

            The darkness was claustrophobic, threatening to choke me with its smothering pitch. The treacherous sky concealed its stars, making it impossible for me to see anything in the black expanse. My dear Edward would find me, I knew without a doubt, no darkness could cloud his beautiful eyes. He will always find me. My sweet Edward would rescue me.
            “Can we kill her now?” A voice in the darkness, low and light, and laughter followed it. The sick bastard was laughing at my discomfort. Visions of my encounter with James flashed through my mind, giving me something to focus on in the darkness so utter and complete that the bright wings of hope dared not to flutter here.

            “Give her some credit, Donut, this stuff is better than what’s actually written.” Another voice said from the other side of me, as casual as blood flowing from an open wound. He spoke with the authority of a natural leader, his voice dropping off from the height of a man used to being looked up to. More laughter answered this response, as if his bizarre statement was some kind of joke. What was he talking about? Did they kidnap me over some writing they thought I had? That made about as much sense as blush on my albino skin. I had never seen anything written down that was worth anything.

            “Donut is right. Who gets to kill the daft broad?” These guys weren’t vampires, there was no hiss of hunger underlying their words that I heard from the rogues. Nor were they wolves, with pregnant growls always threatening to burst forth from their throats. Could they be human, or some new beautiful killer that stepped out of the legends and into my life. The thought excited me for the briefest and guiltiest of moments, then a flare of sudden blindness wrenched the twisted thought from my terror stricken mind.

            The heat of the blaze singed my hair and I had to twist painfully to see the figure standing over the fire. She had hair almost as red as the flames she seemed to control with her extended palm, and her features held no pity or remorse while she stared down at me lying helpless at her feet. I could feel the bramble beneath me digging in and clawing at me as I writhed against my restraints, but the rough ropes only mauled my wrists and ankles in scathing reply.

            “Rani won’t do it; he only killed Katniss to spite me.” She said with shrill softness. She tilted her slightly to consider the reaction of  a man I hadn’t noticed before, sitting on the other side of the fire on a stump. Craning my neck to the excruciating protest of my spine, I noticed that there were six of them including the girl standing over me and the man on the stump. They were gathered in a crude semi-circle around me, four men and two women.

            “Sal, you have to acknowledge her eventually.” The man on the stump, the same one with leadership pouring out of every syllable, stated with a suppressed yawn.

            “Not if you put Pinky in her place.” He was adorned in dark metals of ebony and crimson, the same man who had called her a broad. A scowl melted across my features at the memory of the insult. Edward would make him eat his words, seasoned with pain and agony.

            A sudden spear of agony stabbed me through the face; I hadn’t seen the other girl even move. The back of her hand struck me again her palm smashed down on my nose. My blood sprouted in a harsh fountain that caught the highlights of her dark hair in its spray. She was marked now; Edward’s treatment of her would be especially heinous.

            “I can’t take any more of her melodramatic bitching. Minions.” The crazy woman spoke the last word louder, as if calling some badly named pet. The darkness surrounding the strange fire rustled and several…somethings surged forth. My entire world became restricted to the blanket of the biting beasts, and the agony of their teeth shredding my ivory skin. I couldn’t even hear my own screams over the deafening agony. I felt my blood abandon me in a terrible cascade and a sudden realization hit me as the pain began to dim. Edward wasn’t going to save me.

            “No, he’s not. And no one is going to save him.” My last thought before the pain – and the world – faded away was that my beloved Cullen would be joining me soon.