Sunday, October 9, 2011

Guest Star #2: Henry James

I know I was supposed to post the conclusion of S&M and all, and that will come soon. After all the writing I've done the last few days, I'm figuratively tired of hearing my own voice however. Luckily for me, and for you, my friend Henry James was more than willing to give me a break in the form of a guest post. You may remember him from the zombie short a while back, but if not you can familiarize yourself with his blog Hanged and Harangued by clicking the magical link. Like Marie, he's a good friend of mine and fellow writer and so you should expect to be hearing more from both of them in the future. I know he's counting on me to make the introductions here, but I'll save that for the next non-professional post I do so I can at least attempt to do justice to the greatness of my friends. Anyway, I'm getting increasingly tired of seeing my own text so let's see what Henry has to say after the jump.